Physical security information management software

Total control,
instant reaction


GLOBALPRO is the supervision software that allows to obtain a powerful and, at the same time, easy-to-use tool to monitor 24 hrs the status of your EL.MO. intrusion detection, fire detection and CCTV system, both local and remote.

Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection systems based on ETR, TITANIA and PROXIMA control units through CEI/ABI communication protocol


Fire detection systems based on FX, TACÓRA and HEKLA series control units


e-Vision® PREMIUM, SMART, PRO and VP800 series DVRs/NVRs and cameras CCTV system. Also management of the video-analysis systems based on Mirasys software

Thousands of events?
No problem

  • Gestione eventi evoluta
  • Gestione dei guasti
  • Personalizza il VIDEO
  • Gestione eventi evoluta
  • Advanced event management

    The GLOBALPRO graphical interface allows to automatically organize the events in the specific customizable box. In this way, the event of the same type or of the same site will be immediately allocated in specific colored box. This allows a very quick consultation, without overload information. A colored icon (green or red), placed to the side of the box, indicates the event status. Moreover, since you can connect several screens to the PC, you can achieve a simple and immediate overall view.
  • Faults management

    “SAVE AS FAULT” function allows to set a specific element of the system such as fault (e.g. a sensor), thus avoiding actions such as exclusion or disconnection. In this way, all the events will be listed in a proper section until to the correct operation. This function avoids the operator to receive continous alarms that would divert attention.
  • Alarm management

    For each event signaled by GLOBALPRO, through an interface window, it is possible to enable and act different settings and functions and to operate immediately. In particular, you can save the contacts information (names, telephone, e-mail) of the security and maintenance managers to signal and arrange with them a suitable intervention plan. It's possible to set the automatic opening, in case an event occurs, of a video object or of one or more maps including the field devices.
  • The procedures at your fingertips

    What to do when an event occurs? Who contact and what actions activate? What are the routine (arming/disarming times) of a specific site? These are some questions that could be asked an user of supervision software. GLOBALPRO assist an operator during the all the standard procedures for a more timely and accurately reaction. It is possible to set a plan of standard or extraordinary procedures (actions to be performed, reports to be made, people to contact): a memo easy to consult available in PDF format for the operators.

Order is the greatest security ally

  • Gestione dei guasti
  • Gestione dei guasti
  • Gestione eventi evoluta
  • Gestione dei guasti
  • Gestione dei guasti
  • Advanced Maps

    GLOBALPRO allows to import maps in JPEG PNG, DWG e DXF format. In this way it is possible to place on the maps the detectors and other devices in the system in order to obtain an overall view of the monitored sites. Different colours identifies the detector status (arm/disarm, exclusion status, tamper status, power supply status) allowing to detect the reason and the place of the failure for a prompt intervention. It is possible to set the automatic opening, in case an event occurs, of one or more maps, that can later be arranged on the available screens.
  • Profiles and permissions

    Create different types of operator profiles: with few and simple operations, ensuring always the maximum security. For every new operator should be defined four key aspects:
    Contat details: name, address and position
    Management groups: sites on which it will operate
    Access Groups: user profile that defines the enabled/disabled functions and the operations that can perform on the managed sites
    Preferences configuration: customized settings for each user (display mode, video functions, ...)
  • Tree structure

    GLOBALPRO is designed to manage and monitor a
    large number of sites thanks to its
    tree” hierarchy. This allows to view the systems elements to be monitored. Indeed, starting from the highest level (eg multisite companies), it’s possible to manage also the single input or the single output of a control unit:

    • Azienda
      • Sito / Siti
        • Centrali
          • Zone gestite
            • Ingressi
            • Uscite
  • Evolved event log

    The event log of the system is equipped with filters ordered by time, date, company, website, alarm etc... always at your fingertips, allowing an easy and immediate operation and to find quickly a specific event.
  • Multi-screen customization

    About the CCTV section, GLOBALPRO allows a creation of custom viewing windows (CCTV objects): the user will be able to select which and how many cameras (1-4-9-16) to see (and also to choose which screens will display them), in order to create a dedicated station for real time monitoring of the selected areas.

All the tools you need to manage emergencies

  • Gestione dei guasti
  • Gestione dei guasti
  • SERVICING function
  • Reporting always at your fingertips
  • MEMO function
  • Localization with Google Maps

    GLOBALPRO implements also the “Street MAP” function for a quick geographic location of a site. A proper map, associated directly to Google Maps during the system configuration, will allow to take advantage of all the functions of the powerful Google maps tool such as zoom, routes setting and view changing. This feature is very useful to drive an Intervention team in real time on the site, providing all the necessary road informations.
  • Configuration never been so easy

    GLOBALPRO allows the automatically acquisition of detectors configurations and descriptions by the programming browser of the control units, reducing or eliminating arming times and typing errors.
  • SERVICING function

    Plan and manage the maintenance operations. GLOBALPRO features the “SERVICING” function which allows to schedule a maintenance plan with the involved operators, the maintenance personnel and security manager. During the maintenance, the alarm events, tamper or anything else will be properly signaled and stored on a dedicated section, without interfering with the normal task of the supervisor.
  • Reporting always at your fingertips

    Once generated the report, it is possible to save it in 3 different formats (Word, Excel and PDF). Lastly, a function is available for automatic e-mail sending: it allows to automatically send at a scheduled time e-mail messages concerning the system status.
  • MEMO function

    GLOBALPRO implements “MEMO” function, an integrated messaging tool for real-time communication. It is very useful especially for the handover between operators, for the distribution and assignments of the tasks and for the memo creation.

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